Experiments in code

Over the past few years there are many coding projects that I have started but never got around to finishing. This can be put down to any number of reasons (laziness, lack of ability, losing interest etc.).
Early on in 2018 Corona Labs announced they were opening up the ability to build code for HTML5 output to public beta. This gave me the idea of finally showing off some of the stuff that I have been playing around with. Much of it is boring, or pointless, but it's really just me learning to code. It's there as a record. go and have a nosy about.
Some of it is even playable to a certain extent.


This started off by just as a proof of concept to see how easy it would be to recreate the old 8-bit Atari 'Fuji' logo with the colours scrolling through it. This should be a familiar sight to people who remember the Atari 400/800 range of home computers. I then got a bit carried away with it :)
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